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Frequently Asked Questions - Indian Delicacy

For User :


  • What Indiandelicacy  offers?

Indiandelicacy provides in-depth information about Restaurant e.g. Restaurant Address, Its Route Map, Pictures of Restaurant, Menu of Restaurant, Rating & Review and many more.


  • What are the benefits if I sign-up for this site?

User can get many information about restaurant around by sitting at one place. User will be in better position to compare two restaurants on many parameters that Indiandelicacy offers like Reviews & Rating by your peers.


  • How reliable is Review System of Restaurants provided by Indiandelicacy?

It works on average of Reviews provided by number of its user. With rating, it also shows number of reviews particular restaurant got from its users.


For Restaurant Owner:


  • What benefit Restaurant will get, if they get registered with Indiandelicacy?

It is not possible for restaurant  to physically distribute its take-away menu in whole city or even in near by Locality. Indiandelicacy is such a platform that helps restaurant visibility without having any boundary. There are many user-friendly options available on Indiandelicacy with which user can reach to your restaurant very easily.


  • How do I get started with Indiandelicacy?

Just mail us at